Evaporative Plastic Cooler, Humidification, Humipacking


Evaporative Plastic Cooler / Humidification

A very new development is the 2H Humipacking. This packing is also made of UV resistant Polypropylene and therefore very long lasting.

The main application for the Humipacking is for evaporative cooling and humidification of dry air.

Some Typical applications are:

  • Cooling of Green Houses
  • Cooling of Warehouses
  • Cooling of Poultry and Pig Farms
  • Domestic Comfort Cooling
  • Air Humidifying

One of the major advantages of the polypropylene Humipacking, compared with the widely used paper based humidifying packings is that the PP packing can be easily cleaned with a high water pressure jet.

Download PDF Brochure Below:

PDF Icon Evaporative Plastic Cooler (PP)
PDF Icon FKP 158 Test Report

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